Enhance Your Organization's Resilience Through IT Automation In 2023

The current economic situation in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region shows us how crucial it is to do more with limited resources, especially human resources. However, even in frugal times like these, the APAC region still has the chance to be truly innovative.

IT Automation helps fill the gaps in our workforce. However, some organizations have gone beyond that to incorporate automation into the very fabric of everything they do. These organizations are reaping benefits not limited to cost reductions, but also seeing more creativity, innovation, and effectiveness.

Join Forrester and Red Hat APAC experts as they discuss the future of IT automation, and how it can help companies be more successful and resilient. In this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • Fears of a new recession and how IT automation can help with the workforce freeze and crunch
  • Examples of organizations who have successfully woven automation into their organizational DNA.
  • No-cost IT automation software: Is it truly free?
  • What is the future of IT automation post-pandemic?

Meet our speakers:

Leslie Joseph, Principal Analyst, Forrester – Leslie Joseph is a Principal Analyst at Forrester focusing on Technology Executives. Leslie’s research helps IT leaders navigate the next S-curve of digital by making smarter choices around technology, practices and vendor sourcing strategies for platforms and services.

Nicholas Chia, Automation Sales Specialist, Red Hat, APAC – Nicholas Chia spends his day engaging his audiences in both enterprise and community spaces about cloud management and automation capabilities.

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