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Powering Customer-Led Growth for Technology Organizations

Learn how winning tech companies actively listen to their customers’ needs and future-proof their success.

The world’s smartest B2C tech organizations don’t presume to know the experiences their customers want. Instead, they proactively listen to zillions of conversations and use these actionable insights to qualify and quantify customer value. The result: impactful experiences and products that customers love.

Join experts from Sprinklr and IDC explore the topic of “powering ‘customer-led growth’ for technology organizations,” including how to future-proof your success by helping your product, sales, marketing, and support teams get closer to your customers.

What’s in it for you?

  • Engage with our CX experts, discuss issues, raise questions and clarify doubts you are grappling with in your contact centre. Learn how to leverage the power of unified AI without overhauling your existing contact centre tech landscape to:
  • Get real-time insights across your customer journey (channel of choice, preference, context, emotions, etc.)
  • Orchestrate self-serve capabilities through AI-enabled no-code configurations
  • Improve quality management by unlocking real-time coaching
  • Boost agent productivity with a unified single-pane view of your customers
  • Experience the impact of unified AI on the customer journey and experience.

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