Success Stories: Olam Transformation with Nutanix

Learn how Olam broke away from traditional three-tiered infrastructure for end-to-end digital transformation.

For the food and agri-business company, digital transformation is necessary to achieve its vision of creating safer and more efficient and sustainable operations through technology.

This resulted in:

  • Increased server utilisation from 20-30% to 70%
  • 85% reduction in IT incidents
  • 30% savings in infrastructure costs

Want to replicate Olam’s success?

Join Akhil Mehrotra, Vice President IT at MindSprinit, Part of Olam Group, and Daryush Ashjari, VP of Presales at Nutanix, in a virtual fireside chat as they discuss the role of Nutanix in enabling Olam to unify management across clouds for enhanced performance and reliability across all its mission-critical workloads.

Insights into executing an end-to-end transformation

Interactive demo on building a hybrid cloud and ensuring business continuity

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